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Money & Rent


When searching for off-campus housing, it is important to consider the cost of living. To determine the affordability of a rental unit, consider the following:

  • Rent
  • Utilities (What is included and what is not?)
  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Books and other school supplies, parking and food
  • Other living expenses

Make a Budget & Manage Your Money 

Consider your monthly income and expenses (transportation, food, personal, health, education, gifts, etc.)

For more information, visit the Student Budget page for a sample budget worksheet.

Consider renters insurance

It protects your personal possessions, and many properties require it.

Have a checking account?

Ask your landlord if paying rent with a check will be cheaper.

Have a plan for paying rent & bills. 

Online resources like SimpleBills make it easy to divide utility bills between roommates.

Save money on utility bills (and be more environmentally friendly) 

  • Turn off lights, TVs, entertainment systems, computer, monitor, etc. when you’re not in the the room. Plug your home electronics into power strips so it’s easy to turn them off when they’re not in use. Even in standby mode, they’re still using power.
  • Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes.
  • Adjust your thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees when you’re not home to save up to 10 percent on your bill. Close windows and doors when heating or cooling your home.

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