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Is Living Off-Campus Right for You?

Making the Best Decision for You

Don’t Rush the Decision: Living On-Campus or Off-Campus?

Freshman Residency Requirement: Living on campus significantly impacts your experience as a student, and we are committed to the programs and services that enhance student success. To ensure the quality of your first-year experience, UT requires all first-year students to live on campus. Learn more about University Housing here.

Residency Exemption: Exemptions from the residency requirement may be granted to students who meet certain criteria.

Upper-Division Student Options: Upper division students live in all our residence halls, and many choose to return to the same hall each year. While upper-division students may live anywhere, first-year students are not permitted to live in apartment-style halls. Availability for apartment-style halls is competitive, but all upper-division students are eligible to request apartment-style halls during room selection each year. Learn more about University Housing here.

Things to Consider: 

Living off-campus requires a new sense of independence. Students deciding to live off-campus should consider the cost of rent, utilities, trash collection, cable/internet, and parking. For more information, visit the Housing Search Checklist page for a sample checklist of things to consider.

Living off-campus gives you access to the following: 

  • Potentially larger living space: Consider whether or not your residence will be furnished. Visit for more information on CORT furniture rental. Making the Best Decision for You flyer-final
  • No room closures: Most off-campus housing does not close during university holiday closures such as Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring break. Off-campus housing provides more flexibility with scheduling your break time. However, be sure to ask your off-campus property what their property office hours will be during holidays if you should need to contact them.
  • Meal preparation: Most off-campus housing will give you access to your own kitchen. While off-campus residences also require the Flex Plan, grocery shopping and cooking, and off-campus eateries become more accessible. Eating on campus will still be important. Visit our Eating on Campus page to learn more.